The project was implemented with the National Bank of Poland as part of the economic education program



Project title – Family and personal portfolio management – pitfalls and threats

Origin of the project

There are no classes in economics or practical dealing with financial matters in any high school or vocational school, and the same is true in most fields of study. The only exception are schools and economics courses. What we mean here is primarily practical knowledge of economics, i.e. the everyday dimension. They do not teach us in schools and universities how to protect ourselves against financial fraudsters and how to deal with the complicated system of contracts and financial offers. Through our training, we want to fill these gaps and increase people’s awareness of managing their own budget.

Szkolenie Projekt NBP – Zarządzanie portfelem rodzinnym i osobistym – pułapki i zagrożenia

What do we want to achieve by implementing the project?

The main goal of our project is to increase competence in managing personal finances and in shaping a balanced and coherent household or personal budget. As part of our training, eight thematic modules were developed, covering issues such as forms of running a business in Poland, getting out of the debt spiral, and workshops on understanding civil law contracts.

Classes are conducted in the Masovian Voivodeship. Detailed information can be obtained by writing to: [email protected]

Training modules 1 – 8


Module 1 Financial Education

Module 2 How to build a household budget

Module 3 Avoiding Debt

Module 4 How to free yourself from debt

Module 5 Bank Agreements

Module 6 Parabanks

Module 7 Financial Institutions

Module 8 Forms of doing business in Poland


The classes were conducted by experts from our Foundation as part of the NBP educational program in: Włochy-Warsaw District, in Drobin and Łęg Probostwo, as well as in Mirosław near Płock. All mentioned towns and cities are in Masovia.

As shown by classes as part of the NBP educational program, the topic of budget and finance, i.e. “Family and personal portfolio management”, is interesting for virtually every age group. In addition to the training, consultations were also held and were very popular.

mgr Franciszek Wróbel – Szkolenie Projekt NBP

dr Wojciech Duranowski – Szkolenie Projekt NBP
Information about the classes was posted on the Foundation’s Facebook and Twitter profiles

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